Taste the difference

We believe that New Zealand sheep milk is one of the most beautiful tasting milks in the world. The entire family will enjoy its full creamy flavour and luxurious, smooth mouth feel.

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The Sheep Milk Difference

What makes sheep milk truly unique and precious?

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Happy Healthy Sheep Means Happy Healthy Milk

It is well known that only happy sheep produce milk – they are sensitive creatures! We have a flock of 3,000 East Friesian dairy sheep living on the beautiful pastures of our farm. The East Friesian breed by their very sweet-but-sometimes-stroppy natures they certainly aren't inclined to do anything they don’t want to. Milking sheep require everything on the farm and in the milking parlour to be a certain kind of ‘just so’.

Perfect For Families

Our promise is to consistently deliver high quality, safe and delicious tasting milk products – so good, your family will never want to drink any other milk ever again.

Straight From The Source

Find out more about our farm in New Zealand's Central Plateau where our milk is produced batch-fresh and crafted with care.